Our medical practice started in 1983 when Dr. Heis joined Dr. Randy Braddom to open and operate the rehabilitation unit at Providence Hospital in the Mt. Airy area of Cincinnati. The Unit at Providence Hospital was significant as it was the only rehabilitation unit on the west side of Cincinnati at the time. Given the success of the first unit, the practice was asked to open another rehabilitation unit at St. Francis-St. George Hospital in 1989.

In 1990, Dr. Braddom left the practice for Philadelphia. Drs. Rissover and Whitten joined shortly after to continue the successful operation of the two above units as well as outpatient treatment for musculoskeletal care and EMG/NCS. The practice continued providing inpatient and outpatient care for the west side of Cincinnati for the next 20 years.

During 2009, our group was asked to open yet another rehabilitation unit at Mercy Fairfield Hospital. This was accomplished in 2010 with Dr. Heis assuming the position of Medical Director.  Dr. Bajorek joined in 2011 after the retirement of Dr. Watson as the Medical Director of the Mercy Western Hills Unit.

In 2012, Dr. Godby joined the practice as Medical Director of the Fairfield Unit.  Drs. Heis and Bajorek continued the operation of the Mercy Mt. Airy and Mercy Western Hills Rehabilitation Units until the consolidation to a larger Unit at Mercy West Hospital.

Continuing in the tradition, the practice was asked to open another rehabilitation unit at The Jewish Hospital in 2015. Dr. Staggs joined the practice in 2016 as Medical Director at the Fairfield Unit while Dr. Godby successfully opened and continues to operate The Jewish Hospital Rehabilitation Unit as Medical Director.

Currently, the group continues to provide inpatient rehabilitation services at Mercy West, The Jewish Hospital, and Mercy Fairfield in their Acute Rehabilitation Units as well as outpatient services at multiple office locations throughout the Cincinnati region.