Prosthetics and orthotics

Our physicians are trained in the evaluation of a patient with a prosthetic need or those already with a prosthesis. Often we are involved in amputation initial care during rehabilitation in one of our inpatient units, and we continue to assist in their care once they’re ready for a prosthesis. We work in cooperation with your prosthetist to ensure you have appropriate and safe equipment to keep you mobile and independent. We also provide treatment for phantom pain that often accompanies amputations.

Orthotics involve bracing or supporting to assist patients with pain reduction, safety, and increased functionality. After a complete examination, our physicians work with you to determine if an orthotic would be able to help you and what orthotic would be appropriate for your needs.

Working closely with prosthetic and orthotic clinics around the Cincinnati area, we are able to assist patients with their prosthetic and orthotic needs.  We work to provide a comprehensive treatment plan that includes your physician, prosthetist or orthotist, and often your therapist.